baby stuff attitude adjustment

B631Before Porter was born, I was what you might call a baby minimalist (aside from my fancy pants Bugaboo stroller). I felt that the baby industry was just an explosion of revenue streams luring pregnant mothers to register for and purchase items they don’t really need. I brought that attitude with me to Buy Buy Baby when I registered, where I had a full-on melt down in the bottle isle. B629BOOM – I nailed the cliche pregnant lady. But seriously though – I just couldn’t understand why there were so many darn bottles and nipples to choose from! I remember telling my mom how another mother told me just to wait and see what kind of bottle Porter liked – I chuckled and said, “Porter will like whichever bottle I decide to feed him in.” HA! Oh man was I misguided in my way of thinking…if only I had even the slightest clue what Porter would be like. 

Pre-Porter Attitude

I’ll just register for the Avent bottles. I’m sure they’ll be fine – the twins used that brand (my niece and nephew) and it worked for them. Plus, they don’t have all those annoying parts like the Dr. Brown’s bottles.


Porter initially took the Avent bottle, but after one week decided he hated it. Porter was not one of those babies that ate every two hours during the day – try every hour or sometimes every 45 minutes during a growth spurt. I felt like a boob slave and was desperate for him to take a bottle so that I could get some relief. I ended up buying four different types of bottles – can you guess which one he liked best? Yep! The Dr. Brown’s bottles with “all those annoying parts.”

Pre-Porter Attitude

I’m definitely going to breastfeed, I just need to make sure Porter can get a good latch early on. Once the latch is established, breastfeeding will be easy.



I got really lucky and Porter latched very successfully 30 minutes after my c-section. I never had any latching problems with him. However, I was severely misguided in my projected “ease” of breastfeeding once I got a good latch. Like I mentioned previously, Porter was a BIG eater. During those beginning weeks, I spent an unhealthy amount of time nursing on the couch watching TV. Thank heavens for On Demand. Nursing is a major commitment that caused emotional challenges I didn’t expect. Porter is six months old now and loves solids, so I think the most challenging nursing days are likely behind me. But wow – breastfeeding was far from “easy” for me during those beginning months.


Pre-Porter Attitude

Why are there so many types of bassinets? Here, this one looks fine. I’ll register for that.


I ended up with a reflux baby, so Porter HATED being laid flat and still doesn’t like it to this day. Not long after being home, I caved and bought a Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.

Pre-Porter Attitude

I’m going to just use cloth diapers. My mom used cloth when I was a baby, and the cloth diapers now-a-days are so much better than they were back then. The Bum Genius ones make it so easy. You pay a pretty penny for them now, but they’ll save you so much money in the long run – plus there’s the environment and all that.


I was so sure I’d be using cloth exclusively (besides being out and about in public) that I told my mom and aunt that I did NOT want a “diaper drawing” at my baby shower. Silly Beth. While cloth is something we continue to use fairly frequently, we are in no way exclusive to cloth. Porter is extra sensitive to being wet when he’s in his cloth diapers, so there are days when I just don’t feel like changing him every 20 minutes because he slightly peed his pants. Also, sometimes I don’t feel like dealing with the grossness of the cloth/poo situation. I use cloth when I feel like it, disposable when I don’t.

Pre-Porter Attitude

I don’t need a bottle warmer – that’s so unnecessary. I will just warm the milk in a bowl of hot water.



Porter was SO temperamental about milk temperature when bottle fed. He’s more mellow about it now, but back when I NEEDED some bottle feeding relief, he was extremely picky. Also, there wasn’t really an efficient way to thaw milk without a bottle warmer. There were times when I wanted Ryan to give Porter a bottle, but we couldn’t because all of the stored milk was frozen. My pre-baby attitude would say, “then just plan better and make sure you put frozen bottles in the frig a day before so they’ll thaw.” But seriously – you won’t ever understand until you have a baby of your own, but “planning ahead” when you don’t get any sleep is just not realistic. We bought a Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer and it changed our lives.

Pre-Porter Attitude

I’m not going to register for the fancy baby carrier everyone raves about, the Ergo. The baby K’tan is just fine and it’s only $50.


During those early months, Porter wanted to be on me constantly. There were days when Porter would only sleep on my chest and wanted to be held ALL. DAY. LONG. While there were moments when I embraced the cuddles and thought it was the sweetest thing in the world, there were other moments when I needed my sanity and hands to make food, do dishes and clean up the messy clutter in the house that accumulated since Porter’s birth – enter baby carrier.

Many moms would tell me to “just wear the baby.” Ok, but Porter HATED the baby K’tan. He would scream his head off every time I put IMG_1186him in that thing. I eventually caved and bought an Ergobaby carrier. While Porter still isn’t a huge fan of being worn, he definitely tolerates the Ergo best. Furthermore, it’s the best carrier for my aching back.

Pre-Porter Attitude

I’m getting all of my nephew Emory’s old clothes, so there’s really no need for me to buy anything. Between Emory’s old stuff and gifts from the shower, I’ll be good.



There were clothes I didn’t realize I needed until after Porter was born. Namely, newborn size and 0-3 sleepers. It’s so important to have tons of sleepers that fit your baby during those early weeks. He basically lived in his sleepers when he was first born. I also realized that I just have a certain way I like to dress Porter, and hand me downs can’t always give you the style you want for your baby. I am sort of anti-baby clothes in that I like to dress Porter like he’s a little man – I hate stuff with ducks, doggy’s and other crap on them. Just give me a baby polo, a pair of jeans and we’re good. Porter now wears a combination of Emory’s old clothes and stuff I bought for him.


Pre-Porter Attitude

I’m going to make all of Porter’s food using my food processor. (I wouldn’t even splurge for a Baby Bullet, or something like that.)


Porter doesn’t like what I make! I know, so rude. He likes the baby food I buy from the store, even though it’s just veges/fruit and water. I don’t really get it. I bought a baby cook book, so I might try this again. But for now, we’re buying his food.

The biggest lesson learned is that all babies are different. There’s no way to know everything that your baby wants/needs until AFTER you have him/her. My goal is to keep my little guy happy and I’m willing to do or buy whatever it takes (within reason) to make that happen. IMG_0388

2 thoughts on “baby stuff attitude adjustment

  1. All soooooooooo true! Life is not quite what you expect when you’re a first time mom and I’m sure it will be completely different the second time around. It’s all about trial and error. ❤

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