sick baby, tired parents

When I made the decision to start this blog, I promised myself I’d be authentic. I don’t want to be one of those people who try to make life look picture perfect online when it’s really not.

So here we go…

Ryan and I are really struggling to keep it together right now. We are 100 percent in survival mode. I thought the survival phase passed when Porter started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old, but oh how I was wrong.


I clearly had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I brought this “little” bundle of baby home with me last September. Just when Porter started sleeping for 11 hours a night, he got his first cold and started waking up every two hours again. After that first cold, he picked up another cold — which lead to a double ear infection, followed by teething pain and then a reflux flare-up. The icing on the cake was last night when it became clear that he’s getting ANOTHER COLD. Either that, or allergies. I know it’s debatable whether babies can have allergies, but I was an asthmatic in the crib, so I’m a baby/allergy believer. Poor little guy is so stuffy, he (and I) were up All. Night. Long. My sleep was so terrible last night that when I got up this morning, I felt like it was still yesterday.


I never imagined that Porter would be almost seven months old and is still waking up all night. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing this whole mama thing all wrong, even though I know in my head that sick babies tend to sleep regress. What makes this even more difficult is that Ryan wakes up almost every time I get up, which is big problem because he’s prepping to take his PE (Professional Engineer) Exam in April. This test is intense and has a 50 percent pass rate. After working all day, he studies in the evenings and on weekends, which isn’t an easy schedule even if he were sleeping soundly. He does all of this, while still showing so much love and support to Porter and me. He really is dad/husband of the year in my book. When I count by blessings, he’s at the top of my list.


As difficult as this sleep deprivation is, we’re mostly concerned for our poor baby son who is so uncomfortable. I’d say that’s the most profound change we’ve experienced since becoming parents – our primary concern is always our little creation. Our needs are secondary.

photo cred: Ashlee Gadd

photo cred: Ashlee Gadd

My soothing methods include:


  • Nurse
  • Pacifier
  • Rock
  • Hold
  • Shush
  • Music
  • Sound machine
  • Humidifier
  • Drugs (Motrin and Benadryl)
  • Clear out his nose using saline and a bulb syringe (which he HATES)

Other than that, all we can do is wait for Porter to fight off this cold, and maybe one day, we’ll sleep again. Until then, we will continue to love and support our son, each other and remind ourselves that “This too shall pass.”

8 thoughts on “sick baby, tired parents

  1. Hang in there! I know how rough sleep deprivation can be, I’d be happy to come over and play with him if you need to nap! Also…… we have the Nosefrida nasal aspirator. Seems kinda gross, but it’s not that bad and works soooooo well at clearing out Carter’s nose.

  2. Poor mama and lil P. I hope he gets better soon. There’s nothing worse than not being able to help our littles. We got a nose frida, I’d highly recommend it. It definitely falls under the “moms will do anything for their child” category, but it has been a life saver for us. You can get it at whole foods or babies r us. It works much better than the bulb, at least for us. He’ll hate it but it works. Good luck, hang in there!

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