The Right Way to Roast Chickpeas 

Only the best snack you will ever have in your life that can replace a craving for something salty and carby, like chips or something – and the best part is, you can make this snack salty AND spicy by adding lots of cayenne pepper!

I’ve seen variations of this recipe pop up here and there on my Pinterest and Instagram, but I’ve found they’re never quite right (in my opinion). I started making this snack before it was a thing, when I was majorly cutting back on carbs/adding fiber as I prepared for my wedding day, back in 2011.

Although my pre-wedding diet is very much behind me (I munched on some chips last night at a friend’s BBQ 😬) I still sometimes crave these roasted chickpeas and love that I feel guilt free when I eat them. They’re seriously good for you. Chickpeas are naturally low in fat, high in dietary fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals AND they can help reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes, according to and multiple other legit sources. 

So here’s the deal. You can’t really mess these up unless you burn them, but if you want a good crunch, you need to follow my version of this. Most recipes I’ve seen don’t have the oven temperatures high enough, and they don’t have you cook them long enough.


  • 2 15 oz. cans of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • Olive oil
  • Spices


  • Turn on your oven to 450 degrees
  • Line a baking sheet with foil (for easy clean-up)
  • Thouroughly rinse the beans in a strainer
  • Lay two or so layers of paper towels on the baking sheet
  • Pour your rinsed beans onto the papertowels in one layer (not stacked on top of each other)
  • Take another few paper towels and dry off the beans (move them around – really make sure they’re dry because this will impact the crunchiness)
  • Remove the towels so the beans are now sitting on the foil
  • Pull out the bean skins that have detached (this part is kind of annoying, I know – I just grab as many as I can)
  • Pour a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil – use your hands and evenly coat these beans in the oil
  • Add whatever spices you want – I like to add salt, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and sometimes smoked paprika if I’m looking for a smoky flavor
  • Shuffle the beans around a bit by just shaking the baking sheet (make sure they’re all flat and not on top of each other)
  • Bake for 20 minutes, stir around, bake for another 20 or so

** remember every oven is different, so modify the cooking time as needed **


Five Make-up Faves

I love make-up. I’ve never had the type of skin where I just look perfect completely make-up free (super jealous of people like that). I’ve been a make-up hoarder/consumer/lover since the sixth grade (is that too early? Haha) and I’m thirty now, so I’ve had some years to try tons of different brands and products. Obviously my make-up preferences evolve and change as I age, but I thought I’d just share five of my top (for now) faves.

  1. Make-up Forever concealer. This was THE BEST accidental purchase I’ve ever made. I was recently at Sephora looking for this one (still a totally good one btw) but didn’t see it, so I bought a different one and assumed maybe they changed the packaging slightly (mom brain). After I used it and saw how crazily better my skin looked, I examined my old one and realized they were two different products. I’ve made no secret about how having a anigif_optimized-7990-1428596888-6baby has changed my body, one of which ways was that damn hormone that gives you the dark line on your belly at the end of a pregnancy also gave me a dark spot on the under eye area and it never faded postpartum. SUPER annoying. Most people I’ve asked say they can’t really see it, BUT I SEE IT. And it drives me bonkers. This “Extreme Camouflage Cream” concealer completely hides it, so I’m pretty stoked. It’s admittedly a little thick though, so I usually put it on under my eyes right after applying my moisturizer to dilute it a bit. I’ve also mixed the concealer with a little moisturizer on my hand, then applied to other parts of my face. I’ve been skipping powder lately (I use this one on occasion), so this gives me a little bit of coverage AND gives me more of a dewey look, which I’m loving right now.
  2. Lancome Hypnose Drama black mascara – I have short eye lashes, so I’ve tried every mascara you can think of and I’ve found this one to be the best, hands down. I’ve been a loyalist for prob five years now.
  3. shu uemura eyelash curler – Again with my short eye lashes. I really should just give-up and get extensions. I’ve tried every eyelash curler on the market (ok that’s a stretch, but I’ve tried a lot) and I’ve found they really do vary by brand and you totally get what you pay for when it comes to these things. I’ve been a loyalist to this one for ten years now. It’s kind of expensive for an eyelash curler, but how often do you even buy these things anyway? It’s worth the 20 bucks.
  4. Too Faced Beach Bunny bronzer – I’m not into the orange tan look and I hope you’re not either, for all our sakes. I love everything about this bronzer – the blend of colors makes it easy to apply without it looking too harsh, plus it has just enough of a shimmer to give you more of a glow and less of a glitter face.
  5. MAC lipstick in Lady Danger – The perfect bold red lip, but has enough orange in it to where I don’t feel likeDracula. I get complimented on it often, plus the matte finish helps it to stay on longer than the creamier lipsticks. If you’re timid about wearing bold lip colors, this might be a little much. I eased into my red lip obsession by starting with MAC Lady Bug (it looks much bolder in the pic than it does in real life). It isn’t as bright and since it’s creamy, you can easily control how dark you apply it.

Here’s a pic of me wearing everything I just talked about. I probably should have included a before pic, but I thought I’d spare your eyes lol. What are your make-up faves? Would LOVE to know. K, I’m going to go put on my make-up now while Porter is still asleep 😀