Prepping for the second kid


“One is none, two is ten.” My mom always used to say that and frankly, this terrifies me. In ten short weeks, I’ll be a mom of two and I’m not quite sure how the hell I’m going to pull this off. I know it’s possible – I see people do it. One of my best friends just had her third! I know it’s not a big deal to society to have two kids. But in our house, I feel like it’s going to shake us into utter insanity.


Maybe I should provide some background so I don’t sound like I need therapy. I mean, I probably do, but wine is cheaper so I go that route when I’m not knocked up.


Our transition to one kid was NOT EASY. I know some people have a smooth transition into parenthood, but that was not us; it sucked us into long term survival mode.

Not to compare, but I’m going to compare. Some babies are easy going and start sleeping through the night at three to four months (some even earlier). These same kids might even be relatively well during their first and second years of life. These babies probably don’t have GERD, chronic ear infections, or weird autoimmune issues that pop up. They also probably don’t want to nurse every 30-45 minutes and are willing to be put down, or at least “worn” in a baby carrier. These parents are often fooled into thinking ALL babies are easy and might even judge other parents for having a hard time – I begrudgingly wish all the judger parents will have terrors for second children.

Porter gave us a hell of an introduction to parenthood, but the sleep deprivation was the most challenging part. It wasn’t that he was still waking up to feed, it was several wakings per night from pain because he had chronic double ear infections from about four months to eight and a half months, before we finally resorted to ear tubes. So the wakings were more dramatic than just a nursing session – he was upset, often had a fever and suffered from chronic diarrhea from the antibiotics.


Just before his surgery

But even after the tubes surgery, he still got ear infections! The difference was that the tubes relieved the pressure/pain and the infections were finally treatable. We would routinely go into the ENT to have his ear’s cleaned out, which was traumatizing because he had to be held down wearing a straight jacket and would stare at me with horror as he sobbed. Hello mom guilt.


Our happy boy a few days after surgery

We just had a rough time. We wondered how the hell people have more than one kid.

Then suddenly, Porter’s illnesses stopped (aside from the common cold, etc.), the ear infections became less and less frequent, we were consistently sleeping through the night, the GERD was a thing of the past and we felt like we could breath.

Then baby fever started to kick in, and bam, we conceived.

We went from, “holy shit how do people have more than one kid” to “I sort of get now how people have more than one kid” to “let’s have another kid” to “we’re due in March with our second kid” in a very short timeframe.


So here we are, preparing for baby number two, hoping and praying we get a little lucky this second time around. Would love a relatively painless c-section, no GERD, no constant illnesses, no chronic ear issues, a baby that likes to be worn, a baby that lets us sleep longer than three hour stretches sooner than eight and a half months.

Porter, we love you and wouldn’t change anything about you. You made us stronger as a family and you’ve grown to be the sweetest most loving two year old boy ever. I predict you will be a gentile giant – a big boy with a big heart. But I can say with 100 percent certainty that we just don’t have it in us to have another you ever again. So please, baby Preston, cut your parents some slack and be jackpot baby.

If you have any good baby vibes to send our way, please do. We need them.










One thought on “Prepping for the second kid

  1. I always love reading your blog. You guys did have a rough go with Porter man. I think people exaggerate how good they have it and how nice and normal their babies are. Siena still doesn’t consistently sleep through the night and that’s ok. Here’s to hoping Preston is healthy and loves sleeping in big, regular chunks of time. Plus, I learned about this great stuff called Gerber Soothe from this wonderful mama I know…. 🙂 Lots of love.

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