The Valentine’s Day Spectrum

reception200Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday and I’ve been thinking about how different this holiday is for so many couples. There’s definitely a spectrum when it comes to celebrating this “Hallmark Holiday.”

For some, this holiday means THE WORKS; a night out at a crowded restaurant with a fixed “Valentine’s Day” menu (which happens to be marked up three times what it normally would cost). Date goers are likely wearing some sort of red/pink ensemble. There’s probably some sort of jewelry gift and overpriced red roses (tragically combined with baby’s breath). There is no doubt a lot of social media sharing regarding how your guy “spoiled you” this Valentine’s Day. For me, this is just kind of ick/barf on a stick and if I’m being honest, I’m sort of judging (albeit unfairly) that you MUST have a shallow relationship. I also feel bad for the guy in this scenario because he usually gets the shaft.

Anti-Valentines-DayOn the opposite end of the spectrum are the Debbie Downer cynics who absolutely detest this holiday and refuse to acknowledge it. This seems a little depressing to me. Would it kill you to at least acknowledge your significant other on Valentine’s Day with a simple card/note or kind gesture? Come on now…

Ryan and I fall somewhere in the middle on the Valentine’s Day spectrum. We hate the hoopla of an overcrowded restaurant and I personally hate the combination of roses/baby’s breath; a bouquet of peonies or tulips from Trader Joes would make my day. We usually keep it simple with an extra special dinner/wine and a card, maybe I’ll wear some red lipstick.


Now that we are parents, I admit that I understand the appeal of going to a restaurant probably more than I ever have. You might even find me with my foot in my mouth next year, as I’ll be a mother of two crazy boys. But this year, we still would rather just stay in because that’s how much we hate crowds and overpaying for mediocre food.

If you’re like us and would rather stay in and cook, you can’t go wrong with my filet mignon with red wine sauce recipe (this write-up is from a few years back). Another dinner idea that’s become somewhat of a V-Day tradition for us is king crab, steamed in beer, paired with these grilled artichokes and this garlic bread recipe. You can tell we’ve been together for a while because this dinner is messy and full of garlic ;).

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, I hope you spend it with someone you love – even if that special someone happens to have four legs 🙂