Dressing for Pregnancy and Beyond

DSC_8948When I was pregnant with my first, I had this weird ambition to not buy any “maternity” clothing. Most of what I saw in the stores were expensive, not THAT cute and I didn’t like the idea of filling my closet with clothes that had an expiration date. I spent the latter half of my pregnancy in maxi skirts and stretchy tank tops (summer pregnancy obvi).

This time around, I went about things a little differently. I recently gave birth to my second sweet boy on March 9, so I spent the majority of my larger days of pregnancy in coldish weather. On an average day, you would most likely catch me wearing maternity leggings/flowy tops, but I’m still a girl and sometimes want to feel pretty — so when I googled “cute maternity dresses” and stumbled upon PinkBlush Maternity, I felt like I hit the jackpot. They have maternity clothing, yes, but the dresses look cute even when you’re not pregnant. They also have cute options for nursing mamas.

Cute/affordable/online (because who wants to shop with a two year old) = music to my ears. I’ve been asked by so many people where I bought my cute maternity maxi dresses, so I decided to share with you all.

IMG_1266.jpgFast forward to the joys of dressing postpartum…

I am not one of those genetically blessed individuals that can have a baby and three weeks later, appear as though I did not in fact have a baby. Pregnancy takes a toll on my body and dressing during this time period is always awkward for me. I’m nursing around the clock and my body still has evidence of growing a human. Not to say I’m ashamed of any of that, but I’m a little self-conscious.

PinkBlush to the rescue once again! I seriously love them and I’m not just saying that because they sent me the coral nursing maxi dress for free (pictured above), full disclosure. I really did discover PinkBlush completely on my own and purchased every other dress featured in this post. Turns out they have a ton of nursing conducive dresses/tops. With the rate my son has been eating, I have a feeling I’ll be continuing my PinkBlush obsession throughout the summer.

Below are some pics of all the cute dresses I’ve worn so far. The coral one was a lifesaver for a toddler free night out with the hubby – I wanted to look date-night worthy, but I knew I would likely be nursing in public and needed easy access.

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If you are feeling the love for PinkBlush, follow me on instagram @houseofmitchells for an upcoming $75 giveaway so you can get some cute stuff for yourself! xo

Photo Credit (maternity pics in navy blue dress): Hilary Blair Photography

*This is not a sponsored post