Why I love Freshly Picked Moccs


When I was pregnant with Porter and found out he was a boy, I became very focused on finding cute boy clothes. In my head, boy clothes meant ugly spider man shirts, onesies with teddy bears on them that say “mommy loves me,” bulky Velcro shoes that light up, and whatever other hideous thing you can think of.

Thankfully, all I had to do was a little Google searching to find cute, stylish clothes I now exclusively dress my boys in, aside from occasional ugly footie pajamas (pajamas get a free pass because they’re warm and not worn in public for the most part).

One of the first brands I fell in love with back in 2013 is Freshly Picked, and I wasn’t the only one. Since then, the brand has expanded and it’s become wildly successful.

At $60 a pair, I admit it took me a little while to bite the bullet and buy a pair for Porter when he was a baby; he didn’t have his first pair until he was about a year old. Once I had them, I regretted not buying them sooner because they are AMAZING. They made my life so much easier because they’re super easy to put on (even with squirmy baby feet), they’re made with real leather with solid construction, they’re durable, they’re stylish AND they stretch, so your babe will be able to wear them for longer than he/she would a more traditional shoe.

logo (1).jpgSince then, Freshly Picked has blown up. They’re so successful, they were able to reduce the cost of making some of the classic colors and they passed that savings on to their customers, because they’re awesome. They also frequently have sales, so you can always get your hands on a pair for less than $60. Check www.freshlypicked.com to see the latest prints and styles, and also to find the reduced priced moccs! Needless to say, my second son Preston has been wearing Freshly Picked moccs since his first month of life. Now that he’s almost 10 months old, he practically lives in them.IMG_2048 2.jpg








I should mention that there are a gazillion knock-off Freshly Picked moccs being sold out there and I have to admit, I did succumb to ordering a pair once and the quality just didn’t compare. They didn’t fit his feet as well, the material felt cheap and they weren’t nearly as durable. I would take one pair of genuine Freshly Picked moccs over 10 pairs of fakies any day!


Post sponsored by Freshly Picked, but all opinions are 100 percent my own.


23 thoughts on “Why I love Freshly Picked Moccs

    • Totally check them out! I know they’re a little pricey but like was saying, one pair of these in my opinion is better than 6 pairs of something cheaper that would add up to the same price as a pair of these anyway!

  1. I LOVE FP! By the way, when I was pregnant with our son (now 4), I was convinced there weren’t any cute boy clothes. But I was SO WRONG! They are ADORABLE!

  2. This seems like a great product to poise my five month-old to become label-obsessed. Can’t wait to get rid of her “hideous” Wal-Mart onesies and her cliche infant wardrobe. What matters here is that my child understands important life-lessons like “how to spot a knock-off” and when to tell a person that pajamas are unacceptable in public. If she doesn’t, who will?

    I’m exited to see how superficial she becomes, and when her marriage fails because of her materialism, or if she chooses to pole-dance because that profession
    empowers her financially, whether it be a Michael Kors pacifier for her illegitimate son or Prada baby wipes, at least I’ll feel good knowing that I provided more than just nurturing, love, and warmth – I gave her the best moccasins a small child cannot scientifically remember, nor process, nor appreciate.

    • Wow! I’m so sorry this post clearly offended you. I have plenty of Carter’s onesies and have bought plenty of basic plain pieces from Walmart (jeans and t shirt type stuff) and was lucky enough to have many items given to me by a friend with an older boy who has similar style. My having a preference of how I dress my boys has nothing to do with money. I think we are all allowed to have an opinion on how we dress our babies. Making a generalization and claiming this is materialistic is extremely rude and judgemental. You seem to have contempt for me liking Freshly Picked moccasins which is odd to me. This post was meant to share with other moms the success I’ve had with a shoe brand. I wrote about the knock offs and their lack of quality because the ones I bought were really bad quality. Had they been better quality, I would have happily kept buying them. Again, really sorry my liking Freshly Picked seems to strike such a chord and upset you to this degree; enough to attack me and my fundamental values. My having a shoe preference for my babies in no way shape or form was insinuating that LOVE isn’t the most important thing that I give them. I wish the best for you and your babes.

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