How I got my Baby to Take Naps


I cannot believe I went through one full kid without knowing about these magical inserts that make babies sleep. I’m legitimately amazed at how it has transformed my afternoons. A couple of weeks ago, Preston would NOT take two naps and honestly, I was lucky to even get one (besides the lame 30 minute cat or car naps all moms just love).

Fast-forward to today and he’s a napping pro and it really did change as soon as this bad boy arrived; the DockATot Grand. You might be rolling your eyes at the fact that this is clearly a sponsored post, but guys I swear I will not put a product on my blog without really believing it’s cool or worth your while.

As soon as we put this thing in his crib, he instantly started napping two times a day – and he puts himself to sleep with ease. I’m not saying this is guaranteed to happen with ALL babies, but I do know two other mama’s who have had similar experiences.

I think there’s something about them feeling a little more secure while laying inside a DockATot. Cribs can seem a little large for babies; even a 12 month old like Preston. Also, crib mattresses are kinda hard (I’ve always thought that) and I think the DockATot provides Preston some comfort and a snuggle-factor that a crib mattress and sheet cannot.

If your baby already sleeps great, how nice for you. If you’re struggling to get your baby to nap (or even sleep through the night), I highly recommend you giving this product a try! It totally worked for us!





15 thoughts on “How I got my Baby to Take Naps

  1. I’m really tempted to try this product, two things I’m worried about. One: it’s so expensive and what if it’s totally useless for my kid and Two: suffocation risk. My son is 10 months and doesn’t roll around too much but he does still end up on his tummy squished up against the crib bars some times. Does it have a strap or something that prevents the baby from getting underneath it? Do you have any offer codes or info on return options?? Thanks and I love the blog!

    • Hi Katie! Totally understand your worries! The price is something I can understand, but they won’t return products that have been used. So you sort of have to try it out at your own risk. If it ends up not working out for you, perhaps you could try to sell on a local facebook yard sale group or something (that’s what I would do). The Grand dock is so large there’s no way my 12 month old would end up underneath it. Also, as you can see in this pic his face is sort of at the edge, but he’s old enough now to move himself around as necessary. DockATot say that the Grand dock is designed for babies who are 9+ months old. The Deluxe dock (for babies under 8 months) is made out of breathable material so younger babies are protected. Here’s what I was able to find for you regarding the breathability of the Deluxe (pasted below), but your babe is big enough for the Grand. My rule of thumb is always to tell moms to trust their mom gut! If you feel uneasy about it, don’t get it! All I can share is my personal experience with it, which has been positive. Thanks so much for reading my blog! And thank you for sharing your concerns!


      Is the DockATot™ breathable for baby?

      The Deluxe pod is designed with air-permeability in mind, so that the baby’s face (mouth and nose) sits comparatively high in relation to the sides. The sides are low and also rounded. A baby correctly positioned in the dock, i.e. on his back, is breathing into “open air” so to speak. The design is made with consideration to not trap used air (breath; carbon dioxide). Unlike other bassinets or baskets, the dock’s interior has been carefully engineered in order to achieve maximum breathability.

  2. I wish I had this when my daughter was an infant! It took almost a year for her to take a regular nap. They were always sporadic if they happened at all!

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