Girl Boss Feature: Home Décor Signs by Sarah Phulps

Sarah Phulps, aka @shes.scripty (go follow her!) makes and sells the CUTEST décor signs for your home and recently ventured into drinkware. With a million little shops out there, I felt it was my moral obligation to share her with you all because there’s something special about her lettering that sets her apart from the rest. I’m not even kidding when I say that looking at her handwriting puts me in a good mood. Is that weird? Her lettering is like art so I feel like it’s not THAT weird.

Plus, I love supporting other women (especially moms) and her story hit home when she told me “I needed something to do outside of burping babies and changing diapers.” Can I get an amen? That is exactly why I started this blog after realizing PR freelancing made me want to jump off a cliff.

She has a bunch of stuff available at, but when my friend got this personalized sign I knew I just HAD TO HAVE ONE for myself. I hung it over the hallway entry. IMG_2754.JPG

Here’s another one I have that I love because I was tired of annoying solicitors waking up my kids, but I hate the ugly standard “no soliciting” signs.


And here are a few more for you to see here before you check out her website and buy some for yourself or a friend 😉


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*photo cred of the last 3 pics: Sarah Phulps