Kitchen Remodel Update

Our holiday season started out in an ideal way; the day after Thanksgiving, we made the trek up to Apple Hill’s Smart’s Tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. We got apple donuts and met up with family – Porter had a blast. That was our first real break from working on our house in weeks.

Back to reality on Saturday morning as we pawned Porter off to Nana and continued to frantically try and finish the kitchen remodel before the arrival of baby #2!

The hurdles we’ve run into during this project have been plentiful. It really is true what people say about embarking on a construction project – you will run into problems – especially if your house is 45 years old and had questionable owners who’ve cut corners over the years. We are trying to update our house built in 1970, but at the same time, we’re fixing what other people did wrong.

We still have lots of work to do. But to give you an idea of what we started with, below is a “before” picture of the kitchen. I forgot to take one myself, so this is the kitchen photo that was included in the real estate listing when we bought the house (which means all the ugly crap on the counter is not mine). Don’t you just LOVE that golden oak haha.


And here it is now…


It’s so exciting for us to see our vision for this ugly kitchen start to become a reality, but you can see we still have much to do. I sanded and painted the sink and corner base cabinets at the height of my second trimester energy burst. I found a great method that really works well and will eventually write up a step-by-step tutorial. Every other cabinet is new, but we bought them in unfinished oak, which saved us a ton of money. I’m super anal about paint color anyway and really wanted my cabinets to be White Dove by Benjamin Moore, so buying white stock cabinets was unappealing to me.

We were gifted new appliances for Christmas from my parents during a sale at Pacific Sales in Roseville. We are beyond thankful and excited to have brand spankin’ new LG appliances – I realize we are lucky ducks to be gifted something like that.

We also have new quartz countertops, a sink and a new kitchen faucet. The quartz was leftover from my parents’ big remodel they recently did (major score). I ordered brushed gold cabinet hardware to match the faucet. The fancy William Sonoma soap set that matches the Palladian Blue wall was a gift from a thoughtful friend.

We added pantry cabinets to either side of our new refrigerator; we still need to add an upper cabinet. One of my pet peeves was that we previously had random snack crap on top of our frig and I’m so excited for it to be clutter free now that we have enough storage.


After we Ryan knocked down all of the upper cabinets (funny story involving a crow bar and major destruction), we were left with a pretty hideous drywall situation, but it was fine, because I saw this picture on Pinterest and felt inspired to cover it with bead board, which will then have open shelving over it. We also installed white subway tile for our backsplash.

Next big thing is installing the open shelving on either side of the microwave. We found this great local place that will cut new wood for you and gave us some stuff to make it look like reclaimed wood, saving us a ton of money. Apparently actual reclaimed wood is pricey. I pulled this look from Pinterest as my inspiration…

Screen shot 2015-12-09 at 2.18.25 PM

Couldn’t find the source to this, but the pin caption said it was from

Other than the shelving, crown molding, finishing the cabinets by the frig and a few other finishing touches, we’re done. We’re just going to keep plugging away until it’s finished. In the meantime, I’ve finally started working on the nursery 🙂