8 Reasons I Love Being a Boy Mom

JRP_3372copy (1)Let me start this off by saying that this post is not a dig at girl moms or to say being a boy mom is better. Nor is this meant to imply that I wouldn’t love a daughter one day, because of course I would. What I’m sharing today is simply all the things I love about having boys.

I can shape them into gentlemen

This is probably the biggest one in light of all the recent news stories on inappropriate male behavior. I didn’t participate in the social media #metoo frenzy for various reasons, but I’ve experienced my fair share of unwanted comments and even some situations where I had to be physically aggressive to keep myself safe.

There are so many wonderful gentlemen out there who are overshadowed by the animalistic predator men who view women as objects for their enjoyment. I have been blessed with the opportunity to shape two young boys to become the former, not only by what I deliberately teach them, but what they observe watching the Ryan’s behavior toward me and other women around him. I feel like God has given me the opportunity to better our society of males by entrusting me with TWO to raise right.

Chivalry won’t be dead and manners will be ingrained

Does your husband know how to properly set a table? Like does he know forks go on the left? Does he pull out your chair? Open your door? As much as I love Ryan, those things aren’t ingrained in him. It’s something you have to be taught and I definitely am already teaching Porter at the age of four about good manners vs. bad manners.

I don’t have to host a wedding

Since we only plan on having one more, at the very most we’ll be responsible for one wedding.

Boys love their moms

Of course they love their Dad’s too, but that mother-son bond is unique and I creepily stare at them with doting eyes on the regular.

I don’t have to clean poop out of a vagina

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

I don’t have to have a teenage girl

Because I hear teenage girls just love their moms; I know I did.

I save money

Being honest about the fact that I would probably spend way more on clothes if I had two girls vs two boys. And that would likely continue until adulthood.

I’ll have special relationships with my Daughter-in-laws

I’ll have such a pent up need for estrogen in the family that I’ll probably spoil and love my daughter-in-laws like they were my own more than I would if I literally had my own daughter. But only if they’re quality girls. If they aren’t, I’ll just do my MIL duty of intimidation.

So… if whenever we decide to try for a third and I end up with a third boy, don’t give me the “I’m so sorry!” charade. Although I’m sure I’ll 100% get at least a handful of comments like that from random complete strangers.







Why I love Freshly Picked Moccs


When I was pregnant with Porter and found out he was a boy, I became very focused on finding cute boy clothes. In my head, boy clothes meant ugly spider man shirts, onesies with teddy bears on them that say “mommy loves me,” bulky Velcro shoes that light up, and whatever other hideous thing you can think of.

Thankfully, all I had to do was a little Google searching to find cute, stylish clothes I now exclusively dress my boys in, aside from occasional ugly footie pajamas (pajamas get a free pass because they’re warm and not worn in public for the most part).

One of the first brands I fell in love with back in 2013 is Freshly Picked, and I wasn’t the only one. Since then, the brand has expanded and it’s become wildly successful.

At $60 a pair, I admit it took me a little while to bite the bullet and buy a pair for Porter when he was a baby; he didn’t have his first pair until he was about a year old. Once I had them, I regretted not buying them sooner because they are AMAZING. They made my life so much easier because they’re super easy to put on (even with squirmy baby feet), they’re made with real leather with solid construction, they’re durable, they’re stylish AND they stretch, so your babe will be able to wear them for longer than he/she would a more traditional shoe.

logo (1).jpgSince then, Freshly Picked has blown up. They’re so successful, they were able to reduce the cost of making some of the classic colors and they passed that savings on to their customers, because they’re awesome. They also frequently have sales, so you can always get your hands on a pair for less than $60. Check www.freshlypicked.com to see the latest prints and styles, and also to find the reduced priced moccs! Needless to say, my second son Preston has been wearing Freshly Picked moccs since his first month of life. Now that he’s almost 10 months old, he practically lives in them.IMG_2048 2.jpg








I should mention that there are a gazillion knock-off Freshly Picked moccs being sold out there and I have to admit, I did succumb to ordering a pair once and the quality just didn’t compare. They didn’t fit his feet as well, the material felt cheap and they weren’t nearly as durable. I would take one pair of genuine Freshly Picked moccs over 10 pairs of fakies any day!


Post sponsored by Freshly Picked, but all opinions are 100 percent my own.


you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit

We’re having another boy and I’m so embarrassed to admit that I was a little bummed when I saw the 12 week old wee wee reveal itself during a genetic testing ultrasound. Hello spread eagle! At that very moment of disappointment, I also felt guilty for feeling anything other than joy. It really was like the devil in one ear and an angel in the other.IMG_5044 (1)


  • What a gift that we’ve been blessed with another healthy pregnancy
  • Look at that sweet little man moving around in there
  • We have another sweet son on the way
  • Porter will have that an unbreakable brotherly bond I’ve heard about
  • I’m growing another human that’s half me, half the man I love
  • Little boys supposedly love their moms more than girls do during the teenage years
  • No weddings to pay for
  • I get to reuse most of Porter’s stuff and save a little money
  • I’m having a baby, what is there to be upset about?


  • You’ve always imagined having a girl
  • You’ll never have a girl
  • You’ll never have that mother/daughter bond
  • You’ll never get to do her nails and take her shopping
  • You’ll never…the list goes on

What the hell! Get out of my head Debbie Downer! What’s crazy annoying is that pregnancy hormones do so many things…why can’t they block these negative feelings too? If anything, they probably perpetuated the negative feelings even more!

Thankfully, I didn’t go as far as to cry during the ultrasound and I snapped out of it by the next day. But it really did take a day for me to process this and feel genuinely excited about another boy. The good news is we want three, so there’s still a chance. But I think the real lesson here is that you’re going to have what you’re meant to have and you need to be happy with it.

“You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” — heard of that saying IMG_5060from when you were a kid? It’s often used in juvenile contexts, but it actually has some truth/depth to it and the lesson behind it sounds frighteningly similar to my favorite quote by my favorite philosopher, written in my favorite book.  I read it while studying Philosophy in college and it seriously changed how I process life.

“everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl, A Man’s Search for Meaning

My circumstances are that at some point in March, Ill be the mother of two boys whom I love with all of my being and I get to raise them with the man I love more than I ever thought possible. So that’s my choice. I choose excitement and celebration for this wonderful life we’ve created and sometimes I’ll take my niece shopping and paint her nails.