Treat Yo-Self this Mother’s Day with JORD

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Mother’s Day is around the corner, as you’re all well aware. While I typically do not expect any sort of Mother’s Day gift aside from a card that talks about what a fantastic mother I am (Ok, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also want a pretty bouquet), I was wanting to treat myself this year since being a mom of two has proven to be much more of a challenge than I anticipated – so much so, Ryan and I have both agreed that we are waiting A WHILE before we even consider trying for that third and final baby. Can anyone relate? I’ve been such a stress ball lately juggling life; I just want to be out of survival mode for a while!

You might remember me telling you all about my husband’s Valentine’s Day present, the JORD Wood Watch. I never knew about these chic watches until then and I have honestly sort of fallen in love with the brand, which is why I was so excited when they reached out and wanted to team up with me again. I remember when I got Ryan’s watch, I peeked over at their women’s shop and was a little jealous he was getting the watch and not me. I know, such a nice wife haha. But in all seriousness, I couldn’t be more excited to have one of my own. I got the CORA Series in Koa and Rose Gold and I’m totally obsessed – it’s such a unique watch and it goes with so many outfits.IMG_2774



I love that it’s a little more low key than my gold watches that you always see people wearing. It’s fun to style it with cute bracelets too – you really can dress it up or down depending on your outfit. They have endless options as far as wood and face colors go too – check out their entire women’s watch line here.

Another thing I should mention is its packaging – it is LEGIT. It arrives in this gorgeous wood box with its own little burlap pillow. It’s the kind of packaging that just adds that extra level of chicness and that nice presentation just makes me happy.

JORD has also been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway in case you’re still looking to treat yourself to a Mother’s Day gift, or if you want to drop a hint to your hubby that you’d really like one of these cool watches. A lucky reader will receive a $100 credit to use towards the purchase of a JORD watch, but everyone will win $25 to JORD just for entering!

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Luxury Wooden Watch

an open letter to my mom

Dear mom,

Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning to me. I have never in my life doubted your unconditional love for me, but I don’t think I really understood how much you loved me until I held Porter in my arms for the first time.

IMG_089210168156_10153932115875207_1629402958_n (1)

I’ve gotta say, I don’t really see myself as being THAT lovable, yet you’ve shown me your unconditional love throughout my entire life, and still do to this day. You showed it when I was a colicy baby crying for hours on end and refusing to take a bottle. You showed it to me through your patience during my toddler years of telling everyone “I want to do it by me-self!” even though I obviously could not do it by “me-self.” You showed it to me as a kid when you never hesitated to put my needs before your own – even when dealing with the loss of your father and a divorce in the same 0031269119_10201365140986756_424735678_oB704

You continued to show your unconditional love for me when I became a sassy teenager, through all the drama of growing up – the challenges I faced with boyfriends, girl “friends,” classes, cheerleading, going away to college, choosing a major, joining a sorority, my move to LA after college and everything else you can possibly think of that’s associated with growing up. You were my shoulder to cry on when Dad would disappoint me over and over again – even into my adulthood. You were there for me through breakups, new jobs, no jobs, countless moves, falling in love, getting engaged, my wedding, pregnancy, buying a house and having Porter. Even through the birth of my baby, you continue to treat me as if I was still your baby – and now I see you showing that same level of love to Porter and the twins – you are turning out to be as good of a Nana as you were a Mother, which makes these kids pretty lucky if you ask me.

The point is, you are always there, cheering me on through the good times and the bad and I never feel any ounce of uncertainty of your unconditional love for me. So thank you for always being there, no matter what, and for loving me even when I’m unlovable.

Happy Mother’s Day

All my love,

Bethany Lynne