my thoughts on blogging

Blogs are everywhere. I feel like everyone and their mother is a “blogger.” Having spent six years in the world of public relations, I’m all too familiar with bloggers who blog mainly to get free stuff, or to build a “brand.” In fact, part of my job was reviewing blogs and deciding if they were “worth” the attention of some of my clients. I’m not sure where my blogger cynicism comes from, but it’s there. Being someone with a PR background, you’d think the idea of creating a blog to build a brand wouldn’t bother me – but for some reason it does. I was just watching a new show on E! called “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” (insert judgement <here>) and I was laughing to myself during the episode where one of the main characters spent 30k on a “re-launch” party for her blog. It just seemed so disingenuous to me. I know it’s just a dumb show and that the producers probably made her have a party so they could try to have some sort of a plot, but still. (To be fair, I’m probably just jealous that I can’t drop 30k on a launch party for my blog)

But at the same time…

I love the idea of having an online platform to share and relate with friends, family and whoever finds my ordinary life interesting. So many of my best friends live far away, and I don’t see some family members as much as I should. So – I threw my cynicism out the window and started a blog – and here we are. Thanks for stopping by.